Thursday, March 1, 2012

Essentials of a Good Website

It is not merely important to have a website. There are many important points to keep in mind if you want good response from your website.

1. Good Layout:While designing a website it is important to choose a good layout. A layout is the basic framework of your website and contains links, content, logo and images of your website. The navigation of your website should always be easy for the user and not complex. Navigation means the correct placement of all important links on your website.

2. Good Content:
This is of course the most important aspect of any website. The content of your website should be unique and informative. People look for information and good content if your website has good and useful content they will obviously like it. Also if you keep your content updated and fresh people will come back to your website more often.

3.Good Graphics
It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. Using good images and graphics will not only make your website attractive. It will help you to keep people engrossed to your website.
Wherever possible use good images and graphics to make your content more powerful.

4. Contact Us Page
Put your official address, contact number and email id on the contact us page so that people can contact you if they have any query. It is always good to have a contact form on contact us page
which makes it easier for user to reach you

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